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Which Road Are We On?

By March 6, 2018September 17th, 2018Small Group Study Summaries

We are concluding our study of the passages of the Sermon on the Mount with a discussion Matthew 7:13-27. We started out with a discussion as to what most people base their security on. The answers are fairly obvious – money, family, their job, their power, themselves. The problem with all of those is that they are all limited and if those worldly things fall away for whatever oadeason their life will come crashing down on them.

This evening we discussed more counter-cultural advice from Jesus. He starts in Vs 13-14 talking about two roads of life one wide that leads to destruction and the other narrow that lead to salvation. Almost everyone who thinks of themselves as christians, and even many non-christians, who hear this think of themselves as being on the narrow road. Most the thinking is along the lines of “I’m a good person, I treat people well for the most part, I even do some really good things for others.” However in Vs 15-23 Jesus calls out to the people to be aware of teachers and prophets who are wolves in sheep’s clothing, for they only bear bad fruit. Also, not everyone who calls out ‘Lord, Lord’ are doing God’s work. He calls them evildoers. We pointed out that many twho think they were on the narrow road are actually on the wide road. We discussed who are these evildoers in our society and who truly is on the narrow road to salvation. It was pointed out that many do good works and behave themselves but not with the right motive. Often these people do these things for self promotion or pride or some other worldly gain and not for the glory of God or as an attempt to follow the will of the Father. Our good works and all out deeds need to arise out of an authentic relationship with Christ. We discussed how to seek out God’s will for our lives and follow it.

We then discussed various examples of these two types of motives we have seen in our society and how the fruit that they bore was different. We then turned the focus on ourselves and asked to share where we see our motives and relationship lacking. What is the good fruit, and the bad, ibn our medical practices.

We finished with a discussion of the last verses 24-27. Jesus explains the importance of building a foundation on solid rock rather than sand. It was pointed out tht a great deal of labor and effort goes into building both of those houses but if the foundation is not built on a relationship with Christ it will come crashing down. Lastly we shared how we can improve our foundational relationship with Christ.

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