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Small Groups

The Annual Physician’s Prayer Breakfast is a once a year reminder of the importance of incorporating our faith and belief in Christ into our vocation as physicians. The Doctor’s Small Group meetings grew out of a desire by many of the breakfast attendees to have a more regular opportunity to gather together, discuss the interaction of our faith and our careers and study how scripture can guide us in this endeavor. We began meeting in March 2014 once a month. The group has gradually grown to the point that we now have two groups meeting once a month from September through May.

Each meeting consists of a brief time of fellowship and then an hour long discussion of a topic that touches on some aspect of how our faith affects or is challenged by situations in medical practice. We always use passages from the Bible to illustrate certain points. We have touched on a wide variety of topics such as praying with patients, end of life issues, and balancing work and family time commitments. Summaries of these and all the topics discussed can be found on this website. The meetings conclude after a time of sharing prayer needs and lifting these up together in prayer.

The meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month at the home of Dr. Ali Ganjei at 843 Alvermar Ridge Dr., Mclain, VA and on the second Monday of the month at the home of Dr. Daniel Otchy at 12717 Melville Lane Fairfax, VA. Each gathering runs from 7-9 PM.

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We hope you will consider joining us for one of these two gatherings. The attendees have frequently expressed how great it is to gather with like-minded christian doctors and be able to share their lives together.

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For more information please contact Dan Otchy.

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