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Seeing Your Job as Your Calling

By May 3, 2016September 19th, 2016Small Group Study Summaries

We started the evening by telling our stories as to how we decided to become a physician. Some knew they wanted to be a doctor from a very early age. Others came to medicine through a very circuitous route. It was not universal that people felt “called” by God to be a doctor. But all felt that they are where they are now because of God and the way He opened doors in their lives to allow them to receive the education and training they needed to get where they are today.

We talked abut what we mean by being called. We agreed that no matter where we are in our life walk, God desires us to use our position and gifts to influence those around us to advance his kingdom.  As physicians we have enormous influence on lives, if we choose to use it, for the good of God’s plan.

We then read Eph 4:1-16. In this reading it urges the reader to be worthy of the calling God has placed on you and to allow the fruit of the spirit to flow through you to advance the kingdom. We described how we can be worthy of the calling of God. We agreed we are not in ourselves worthy but only through the redeeming work of Jesus that we are called. The importance of the fruit of the spirit, particularly humility, in our daily lives as physicians was discussed.

The rest of the reading talks about the different gifts that the Holy Spirit bestows on different people to build up his church.  I made a analogy to the different gifts God has given to each of us that seems to have directed us into the medical specialties that we each have chosen. Some people could easily identify gifts in other members of the group that they believed were divinely given to make that individual a great specialist in their field.

Lastly, we talked about the importance of viewing our job as a calling. It basically centers on the belief that everything we do should be done as if doing it for the Lord (Col3:17).  Having such a viewpoint will:

  1. Give clarity to the importance of work
  2. Keep us doing the right thing rather than just the easy thing
  3. Gives us a community that helps us to do our work as a worship act to God.

This last point is the main purpose of our small group meetings. They are there to build us up and support us as we strive to bring our faith into our work lives daily.

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