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Defining Moments of Leadership

By November 21, 2018March 20th, 2019Small Group Study Summaries

We began our evening discussing what we might mean by a person’s ‘defining moment’ in their life. We came up with a time in which we experienced an event that in some way altered the path we were on and resulted in affecting our life’s path from there on. We then shared what we perceived were the defining moments of our lives. Events that are often mentioned are meeting or marrying our spouse, experiencing the birth of our children, or some event that determined our career path and certainly when we accepted the Lord as our savior. Whatever that event was it often leads us to a position of leadership in one realm or another – whether that be as a leader in a family unit, being called into a ministry that we did not expect to serve in, a leadership role in some organization or in a group at work. As Physicians we almost can not help but be placed in some role of leadership in our lives. We then discussed in what ways and in what roles we have been placed in leadership.

This then lead into our scripture for the evening as we looked at an instance of leadership being thrust upon a character of the Old Testament and what we can learn from how the Lord guided him. We then read Joshua 1:1-9. In this passage we see that Moses has died and Joshua is appointed by the Lord to assume the mantel of leader over the Israelites as they are about to cross over the River Jordon into the promised land. We discussed the difficulties he might face as the new leader, chief among these are how to gain the trust of the entire nation and how to deal with the opposing armies that occupy the promised land. We then looked at the primary guidance the Lord gave him – that he be strong and courageous. We then discussed how it was important in our roles as leaders to also be strong and courageous. It was mentioned that to lead a family we often must be willing to be courageous in saying and guiding our families. At work it is important to be willing to take on the difficult clinical situations that some patients present with.

We then concentrated on the Vs 7-8 in which God emphasizes the main guidance to success as a leader – that being the importance of continuing to obey God’s law through his leadership. We talked about instances in which we sometimes felt challenged to lead within the context of God’s law. We mentioned instances in which we sometimes are tempted to “bend the rules” as it might make things easier.

Lastly we spoke again about VS 9 and the third time in this passage the Lord encourages Joshua to be strong and courageous. We then discussed what types of things we are presently facing in our lives that we need to heed the Lord’s guidance and maintain a strong and courageous posture.

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